Wednesday 1st , Thursday 2nd & Friday 3rd of December

Ms Goggin's 1st Year Home Economic Exam is rescheduled to Monday 6th @1:30 and her 3rd year Consumer Studies Exam is rescheduled to Tuesday 7th @2:50.  3rd Years should revise Social and Health Studies section also.

Ms Verling's 6th Year Higher Level Irish will retake their Grammar exam on Tuesday 7th from 1pm-1:30pm.

Ms O'Shea's 3rd Year History should revise the Roman's and the Middle Ages, 5th Year English revise Seamus Heaney poetry and read notes on Circle of Friends, 5th Year History revise Lenin and Stalin, 6th Year History revise Hitler and the Jarrow March.

Ms Dunphy's 6th Years revise India for test next Thursday, 3rd Years revise Map work for test next Thursday also.

Ms Culliton's 3rd Year Business should continue to follow the planned revision schedule working thru the exam papers and questions for each revision section. 2nd Years please read the chapter on the "Sole Trader" and  Look over "Forms of Ownership" here

6th Year LCVP 2009 exam question from Section C

Q.2 Work experience/shadowing and the preparation of a diary gives a valuable opportunity for students to experience and reflect on the world of work.

(a)     List four steps you took to secure a suitable placement for your work experience/shadowing.

(b)     List and explain three personal goals you had in relation to work experience/shadowing.

(c)     Describe the steps a person should undertake when preparing for a job interview.

(d)     (i) Why is it important to evaluate your work experience/shadowing?
(ii) Outline the evaluation prepared by you as part of your diary/log. 


2008 exam question from Section C

Q.6 School and College is about training young people for the World of Work.

(a)     Name four pieces of advice you would give to a friend when filling out a job application form.

(b)     Describe three non-financial benefits to be gained from the world of work.

(c)     Outline three ways in which the world of work differs from schoolwork.

(d)     Give three characteristics that employers might look for in potential employees.

Explain why you think employers consider each characteristic to be important.



Ms Power's 6th Year Biology
Study notes on Human Reproduction and Extended embryo development
Write out answers to all exam questions given on topic
Continue with revision plan given in September  
5th Year Chemistry
Studyall practicals for Christmas exam
Review all exam questions given this term
Look at department website to see types of questions on areas studied
3rd Year Science
Continue with Biology sections for the next three papers
Continue with revision plan given in September
Do research on the Junior Cert. Physics project



Ms Burke’s 6th year Physics continue with exam questions on Pressure and Circular Motion as per the revision plan. 6th year Biology continue with Plant Structure and Transport and start Photosynthesis revision. 5th year Physics and Biology – study for Christmas test especially practical’s and topics tests given. 3rd year Science – study topics on revision plan for 10th of Dec – Chapter 26,27,39,41,6,7,8 and 28 & 29.

Ms O'Sullivan's 6th Year Higher Level Maths - revise Ch 9 and Ch 10, Text and Tests 4 in conjunction with exam papers (Q3 Paper 1).
5th Year Ordinary Level Maths - revise Chapters 1 and 2 in Text and Tests 3 ( Algebra) for Christmas exam.
3rd Year Maths - Higher Level - revise Chapter 1 Text and Tests 2 (Algebra), plus theorems and constructions.  Ordinary Level - revise Chapters 6, 7 and 17  Text and Tests 1.

Ms Mc Carthy-Kent All students work from their work books. 6th Year please work on Harmony and Melody and 3rd Years Aural questions from exam papers.

Ms Corkery’s Classes


6th Year English: Write up the Vision & Viewpoint of Hamlet using the following questions to guide you.

1.     Is the overall vision and viewpoint optimistic or pessimistic?

2.     Does the title reveal the central vision?

3.     How is human nature depicted in the play?

4.     How do people treat each other?

5.     How does the story end? What feelings are you left with at the end of the play?


Revise Boland and Frost two of the poets studied in 5th year.

5th Year English: Revise Seamus Heaney’s poetry

3rd Year Geography:  Revise chapters 3 and 4 in New Complete Geography


Mr Murphy's 6th year DCG:  Make sure the sketches are sorted to go into the project for when you get back and have everything prepared for writing up for part B (the modification or concept) if not already done.
6th Year Maths: The Line and the Circle will be the next 2 chapters we'll be revising. Keep going through the exam papers on those.
3rd Year Tech Graphics: continue with the short questions in the exam papers.


Ms Phelan's 6th Year Chemistry: Complete the revision of Volumetric Analysis and answer all exam questions on topic. Continue with exam questions on Rates of Reactions section.


5th Year Biology: Revise for Christmas tests by doing exam questions at end of each section and studying all practicals completed this term.


3rd Year Science: Complete Biology sections on 2008,2009 and 2010 papers.
Study topics on revision plan for 29th Nov-6th Dec i.e. Chapters 26,27,28,29 and 30.


Ms Byrne's 1st Years (1C & 1B) - History please start researching your project on Rome. 2nd Years (2T & 2W) - History prepare for Reformation test and revise Explorations to be examined on your return to school.  1st Year CSPE (1B &1G) read to the end of chapter and answer workbook questions.


Ms Grant's 5th Years study all notes and experiments for Christmas exam. 3rd Years study for next revision test, chapters already marked out.  6th Years study for next revision test on the 15th of Dec, Excretion, Homeostasis Nervous and Endocrine System. 1st Years revise all Biology for a big test before Christmas.


Ms Hickey's
1st Years - Continue revising nutrition section, especially Protein, Fat and Carbohydrate.
2nd Years - Continue with next chapter of workbook.
3rd Years - Revise Social and Health Studies section.  Exam papers - Complete 2006 ordinary level short questions.
5th Years - Continue revising for Christmas Exam, focus on worksheets completed at the end of each section.
6th Years - Continue with Revision Plan as discussed in Fridays class, chapters 4-9 and 50-51 to be revised for 15th December. Exam which was due to take place on Dec 1st will be rescheduled on our return to school. Exam papers - Complete 2004 higher level, section B, questions 1 and 3.



Ms Brennan's 6th Year Irish revise the Oral notes, 5th Year Irish revise the poem Geibheann and the Letters and Essays done since September. 


Mr Rushe - Business Homework for week/weekend. Monday 20th Nov to Fri 3rd Dec (Groups: 1st, 3rd ,5th and 6th year)

1st Year Revision  5th Year Revision   6th Year Revision

3rd Year Revision: Exam Papers:  Attempt Q1 2008 Paper 1, Section B. Also 2007  Q1 Paper 1, Section B.  These are both budget questions using different formats.


Ms Broderick's 6th Year Accounting please do Q1 on LC 2010 paper - Final Accounts of Sole Trader for Higher Level, Final Accounts of a company for Ordinary Level. Also revise for Christmas Test. 2nd Year Business please read chapter on the Sole Trader and Look over "Forms of Ownership" here.  6LCA continue to work on Office Admin Task.


Ms Lynch's 6th Year Irish class: Should continue revising poetry and prose. Letters and essays should also be revised. Take the opportunity to practise and prepare for the Irish oral.
5th Year Irish class: Revise poetry and prose covered in class for the Christmas exam. Revise the verbs, new vocab and essay for the Christmas exam. Please watch the Nuacht every day and summarise main stories. 
5th Year geography: Revise chapters and exams questions covered in class since September for the Christmas exam.
3rd Year Irish class: Revise letters, essays and vocab covered in class in preparation for you mock exams.
2nd Year Irish class: Watch the nuacht every day and summaries main stories.
2nd Year Geography class: Revise course work.
1st Year Irish class: Watch an Irish programme/cartoon on TG4 and write a short account about it in your homework copy.  Take this opportunity to revise your vocab.


Ms Gannon's 3rd Years please revise all the verbs in the past, present, future and conditional tense. 6th Years please revise for your Oral - where you live, the school, all about yourselves and your hobbies.


Ms McGourty's 6th Years  : Read up on Le Subjonctif Pages 339,340 and 341 in your book "Mosaique"to help you understand it before we cover it next week. Next reading Comprehension, 2002 Q. 1. Sous les ponts de Paris.
3rd Years : Begin writing out Les Lettres from the Junior Cert Papers and I will correct however many Years from the papers each student decides to answer.
5th Years : Revise Postcards, Cloze Tests and L'ecole for the exam .
2nd Years CSPE students. All Action Projects to be handed in the day we get back to school ! This will be your grade for the Christmas Exams.


Ms Norris's 6th Year Maths, revise coordinate Geometry of Line and Circle for test Tuesday. 6th Year Geography revise India-physical, primary, secondary,teritary and human process, also any questions on India in your note, test on Thursday.

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